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          Cornerstone Imaging was founded in 1998 by Rob Brocklehurst.  Rob has serviced the design/construction and special event industries since 1982 in the areas of project management, computer program design, structure design, equipment development, and visualization techniques.  Over the first decade of operation, Cornerstone has come to learn that there are vastly more applications for 3d visual services than originally thought.  The launching focus for the company was on the architectural & engineering industries and the special events industry.  Since the start of the company, Cornerstone has had the opportunity to work not only with design and event specialists, but also with medical professionals in the area of surgical tooling, retail professionals with display and fixture design, legal professionals in the area of courtroom exhibits including scene recreation, marketing professionals in graphic development, and many others.

Cornerstone has had the honor of providing services for the following outstanding organizations…

A&G LLC – Product Development 
Ashley Entertainment 
Balzer and Associates, Inc. 
Classical Tents
De Boer Structures 
Della Ratta, Inc.
Goodfellow Jalbert Beard & Associates
KemperSports Marketing  
Lakeview Associates 
National Grand Prix Holdings, LLC
Outback Sports
Phoenix International Raceway
Protocad Corp. 
Sightline Renovations, Inc.
The Design Collaborative
The Thunderbirds 
United States Institute of Peace
Western Golf Association
Aramark Design Solutions
Aztec Party & Tent Rentals/Shaffer Sports
Bankson & White Designers
Cornerstone Management Services, Inc.
Elco Concrete Co., Inc.
Francis J. Filipowicz, D.D.S., M.S., Inc.
Hanson Associates P.C.
Key Display Group South, Inc.
National Association of Realtors
Osh Kosh B'Gosh
PGA Tour Championship Mgt.
Planet Central
Salem Sports, Inc
T&B Equipment Co., Inc.
The Kempton Group
Tomac Corporation
VA Transportation Commission
WLW Architect




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